Dr. Peggy Davis Spears, MD RRT

Dr. Peggy Davis Spears, MD RRT
NA2RC Interim President
Respiratory Care Program Director
Eastern Oklahoma State College
Peggy Spears is the program director of Respiratory Care at Eastern Oklahoma State College in McAlester, Oklahoma. Peggy has served as a Respiratory Care Program Director in the community college systems since 1987. Before that she served as the Respiratory Care department director at St. Joseph Memorial Hospital and practiced ICU and NICU Respiratory Care. She has served in many roles during her professional journey including various committees, co-chair of the Steering Committee for the merger of the Community and Technical college systems in Kentucky, various state society offices, past president of NA2RC and global service involving medical missions in 23 countries.
Peggy’s service in Respiratory Care has always had a double edged purpose: To serve the community in front of her and to find and serve populations that are in need of Respiratory Care in any capacity where it be in the hospital, in the classroom or at home. Accessibility and opportunity are the basis of her philosophy of leadership.

Her professional goal is to work with groups of colleagues that want to provide those who want to learn Respiratory Therapy an accessible pathway. She strives to be a part of teams that remove barriers that would block students because they do not have the resources, the opportunity, or the confidence to believe that they can.

Her degree in Chemistry mixed well with her unquenchable thirst for knowledge about how the breath of life keeps us. She began her Respiratory profession as an OJT (On Job Trainee) washing equipment and then graduated as a CRT from Paducah School of Respiratory Care at West Kentucky Vocational School in Paducah, Kentucky. She followed by obtaining her RRT from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska and then returned to Murray State University to secure her MS degree.
Knowing that “The Need is The Call”, Peggy has continued her studies and is now also an MD hoping for even greater ability to help students and to increase her impact in missions.
She has served on the NA2RC board since its beginning and was a founding board member of the (Board of the Joint Review Committee for Education in Respiratory Care. JRCRC)